Switch: Gas & Power FAQs

We already have a internal energy team, why we need Switch: Gas & Power?

Our consultants are experts at what they do. They are expert in identifying industry trend and price changes by closely monitoring energy market. As a result our consultant gives the best solution as to when the business should negotiate energy contract opposing entry of renewal process after expiry of current deal.

We provide our services much more than just energy procurement. We are unique in our services as we offer latest and most complex technological solutions for our clients. We can design bespoke solutions that'll have you save energy in unique ways because of our partnership with leading firms.

I have multiple sites, is it better to do one property at a time? Or buy in bulk?

You should always buy it in bulk. It has been observed by our energy consultant while negotiating with energy suppliers that higher is energy consumption, lower is the unit rate. Suppliers want your business.

You can become more valuable as customers to the suppliers if you put more sites through them. I will be cost-effective over time if you arrange multiple contracts at the same time.

I am already in contract, why should I change?

While remaining on your current deal, you are liable to negotiate with new contract. Once signing on the dotted line after agreeing to the terms and conditions of the new contract, it will come into effect immediately after expiry of your current contract. This helps businesses to take advantage of any dips in market or those concerned that prices will have increased after their renewal date.

With the market so unstable, would I benefit from short term contract?

Although you might perceive a one-year contract as possessing less-risk, bear in mind that future energy prices are volatile and likely to fluctuate over time. Just have a look at the current climate, including the impending impact of Brexit and recent rises in inflation, to realise how unstable the market is.

But you can reduce this price fluctuation by signing a longer term contract at today's prevailing rate which will guard you from future price rise.

What's the best energy deal for my business?

When it comes to deciding your energy contract, there is no uniformity.

Every business differs in their needs and requirements. Business of a local corner shop will significantly differ from a large manufacturing firm with large number of firms.

Before moving to any long term deal, it is advisable to fully understand every route available.

At this area, our energy consultant comes to help the businesses.

How do I know my current energy management practises are fit for purpose?

Technologies and energy management best practices are always changing. Even if you think you're doing enough, it's always useful to carry out a full audit of your premises to identify where you are overspending on your energy.

You'll have to invest some time & money to conduct a full audit, but the results will be worth it in the long term.

How will you contact me?

Unlike other energy consultants, we won't pester you repeatedly with calls. We'll speak to you once to establish your needs and requirements, and then we'll present you with the best offers available on the market.

After that, it's completely up to you if you want to proceed with the contract.